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Rules and Regulations for Grease Traps in Fulton County, GA

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Fulton County residents will be familiar with grease traps. You may not be familiar with the regulations and rules for grease traps. To find out more, consult your local municipal code. FSE wastewater rules and FOG disposal regulations are all part of the code. It can be daunting to go through so many pages of legalese. This guide can help.

Rules and regulations

You may not be aware of the rules and regulations regarding grease traps, Fulton County in Georgia. It's important that you follow the rules in order to avoid any fines or other legal problems. However, it is not a good idea to break them yourself. Fulton County requires grease traps be inspected every year. There are also specific cleaning times that will apply depending on the trap's size. Learn more about these rules to help you understand them.

There is a specific rule that applies to commercial car washes. To prevent FOG being spread to the city's wastewater system, they must use an oil separator. The rules specify that commercial car and truck wash facilities must have a grease trap, and that they must also have an oil separator. They must also employ a grit removal system. You can also use alternative pretreatment methods if you do not have these rules.

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Inspection requirements

Fulton County, Georgia has a one-year inspection of grease traps. This is due to the fact that the County requires a 25 percent rule when determining the cleanliness of grease traps. You will also need to have your grease traps inspected on specific dates depending on how large and what type they are. Fulton County requires that grease trap servicers and FOG waste carriers provide the County with manifests in order to comply with grease trap inspection regulations.

Fulton County grease trap regulations require that your grease trap be cleaned at minimum once a year in order to avoid any violations. The grease trap is an underground storage tank that holds food wastes from kitchens. It cannot be used in garbage disposals or dumpsters. There may be different requirements for disposal depending on the type and location of the food facility. As well as grease traps, commercial pretreatment systems are required for microbreweries.

Service charges

Fulton County is an expert in the maintenance and cleaning of grease traps. Highways & Facilities Department tacked on several cleaning expenses this fiscal year to cover COVID cleanup. This cost was partly covered by an amendment in the county's budget for 2021. Highways & Facilities Department have continued their weekly COVID cleaning at Fulton County Complex I & II since then. The County Office Building midday cleaning will continue up to the end the year at $200.

Grease is not only messy, but it can also pose a danger. Grease can create an unhealthy atmosphere, and it can also cause back ups or accidents. The cost of a grease trap service can be far less than the costs associated with fines and other repercussions. What can you expect from service providers? Read on to find out more. You have many advantages when you hire a fulton grease trap service.

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Location of grease trap

It is essential that your Atlanta grease trap be located by your plumbing contractor. A trap is an instrument that collects grease in sewage. It allows grease to be skimmed away for disposal. It will cost less to service a trap that is easily accessible. A trap located in a difficult-to-reach location, on the other hand, will require additional compensation for its cleaning.

It is essential to use a grease trap if your commercial establishment produces grease or fats. This will prevent the grease from entering the sanitary sewage system. This system is not designed for large quantities of grease. Therefore, a grease trap will isolate the grease and prevent it from being deposited into the public sewage system. Your grease trap must be cleaned regularly as the grease will not drain on its own. Grease traps should be cleaned at minimum once per week to avoid fines.

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Is it possible to have my faucets fixed by a handyman?

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Rules and Regulations for Grease Traps in Fulton County, GA