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HomeAdvisor and Angie'sList

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This article compares HomeAdvisor to Angi, one of the most well-known online review sites. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, it is your choice. Learn more to determine which one suits you best. The sites allow you to search for qualified contractors in the area. But which site has the best reviews? Which one is better? We'll explain.


The Home Advisor website, which was created in 1998, changed its name and became Home Advisor in 2012. When it was first launched, it was called ServiceMagic. This website offered a variety of tools to estimate the cost of home development and help customers calculate the funding for their project. Home Advisor is a professional resource that puts Angie's List in context with the total project funding. It provides a more accurate estimation of the cost to renovate or repair a home.

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They are almost identical, as their names suggest. Each website has 5 million unique visitors per month. HomeAdvisor however, has a larger membership base. Angie's List requires a paid membership. HomeAdvisor offers a free trial that allows you to choose the service you desire. Both websites can be valuable for small or large projects. However, HomeAdvisor's basic rating system makes it simpler to choose the right service.


Both directories offer free services. Both sites do background checks on professionals. This is what makes these directories so attractive. Good reviews are the key factor to ranking high in any directory. HomeAdvisor reviews are preferred by most homeowners, but not all consumers. HomeAdvisor's popularity could be limited by the fact that it provides a free service to its customers.

Angie's List's HomeAdvisor offers a better service than Angie's List because there are no anonymous comments. Both members of the services can reply to reviews. Their names are also displayed. Contractors can't pose as homeowners. Angie's List reviews and HomeAdvisor reviews have been written by homeowners. HomeAdvisor is the best choice if you are looking for help with your home renovation.

Angie's List

Angie's List's website ranking and rewarding contractors is the most significant difference between HomeAdvisor. HomeAdvisor claims it has more than 10 million verified reviews. Angie's List, however, uses letter grades to reward contractors. Angie's List reviews that are positive are worth much more than those from HomeAdvisor. Angie's List has a rating system that allows companies to place ads. However, those with lower ratings can still advertise on the site.

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Angie's List looks better for generating leads than any other lead generation system. But you need to impress your paying customers as well. Angie's List can be a great choice for short-term projects, especially if the work involved is minimal. The company might not be profitable for a while. Angie's is more efficient for small projects, where there are many satisfied customers.

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Who will take care of my handyman job?

You won't be disappointed if a professional handyman offers a quote for a small job, such as replacing a lamp or fixing a broken faucet. You might also consider hiring a handyman to do multiple jobs such as installing floor tiles or repairing your roof.

Handyman Services is a service that offers ongoing support such as maintenance and repair.

Do I need a handyman trained to do my work

No. Handymen already possess the knowledge and skills to complete any project. All they have to do is provide the materials necessary to complete the job.

Do handyman services cost less than general contractors?

Yes! Yes. Sometimes, a handyman may be cheaper than hiring a general contractors to do a job. This is especially true if the job has never been done before. In addition, a handyman can help speed up the completion of a project because they generally have expertise in completing certain tasks faster and more efficiently.


  • “Before the pandemic, 40% of people asked how we could estimate a job when we weren't there,” Rose recalled. (inquirer.com)
  • An estimate was that in 2003, the market for home maintenance and repair spending was up 14% 2001 to 2003. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • More than 20% of homes in America have outdoor living spaces, including decks and patios. (mrhandyman.com)
  • With a strong housing market, the handyman and general maintenance worker industry are expected to grow by nearly 10% in the next decade. (housecallpro.com)
  • Another estimate was that the market in the United States was $126 billion and was increasing by about 4% annually. (en.wikipedia.org)

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HomeAdvisor and Angie'sList