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HomeAdvisor Vs Angie's List

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This article compares HomeAdvisor to Angi, one of the most well-known online review sites. Each site has its advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately it is up to you. You can read on to discover which one is best for you. The sites allow you to search for qualified contractors in the area. Which site has the highest number of reviews? Which one is better? We'll explain.


The Home Advisor website was established in 1998. It changed its name in 2012 When it launched, it was called ServiceMagic. This website combined several tools to help homeowners estimate home development costs in order to determine total funding. Home Advisor allows professionals to be compared with Angie's List's consumer base. It provides a more accurate estimation of the cost to renovate or repair a home.

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The two websites are similar, as the name implies. Although both websites receive 5 million unique visitors each month, HomeAdvisor has a larger membership base. Angie's List requires you to pay for a membership. HomeAdvisor lets you sign up for a free trial, and then you can choose the service that you wish. Both sites can be useful for small and big projects. HomeAdvisor has a simpler rating system that makes it easier to select the best.


The two most popular directories for home service providers are comparable. It is important that you note that both are completely free. Both directories conduct background checks on professionals. This is part of what makes these directories so appealing. A good review is key to ranking high in any directory. HomeAdvisor reviews are preferred by most homeowners, but not all consumers. HomeAdvisor's popularity might be limited due to the free service it offers.

Angie's List does not allow anonymous reviews. HomeAdvisor has one advantage over Angie's List. Both members of the services can reply to reviews. Their names are also displayed. Contractors can't pose as homeowners. Angie's List reviews and HomeAdvisor reviews have been written by homeowners. HomeAdvisor is the best choice if you are looking for help with your home renovation.

Angie's List

Angie's List and HomeAdvisor have the biggest differences in how they rank and reward contractors. HomeAdvisor claims over 10 million verified review, while Angie's List uses a letter grade system to reward contractors. Angie's List reviews that are positive are worth much more than those from HomeAdvisor. Angie's List has a rating system that allows companies to place ads. However, those with lower ratings can still advertise on the site.

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Angie's List appears to be the best option for lead generation, regardless of how different their lead generation methods are. However, paying customers must be impressed as much as anyone who comes in touch with your brand. Angie's List can be a great choice for short-term projects, especially if the work involved is minimal. The company might not be profitable for a while. Angie's List is better for small projects with satisfied customers.

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Are there any requirements to be a handyman?

To become an independent contractor in most states, you don't need to have a license (as opposed with a salaried worker). However, you still must meet certain requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A high school diploma or GED is required.
  • You will need to complete a four week course at a vocational college.
  • A background check is required by the Department of Licensing.
  • Pay a $20 fee to register annually.

You will also require a business license as well as workers' compensation insurance.

Handyman services are more expensive than general contractors.

Yes! Yes! This is especially true in cases where you have never hired a contractor to do the work. Handymen can also speed up the completion time of projects because they are skilled at completing specific tasks faster and more efficiently.

What qualifications are needed to be a handyman

Being a handyman requires patience. You should also have experience working on electrical systems, carpentry skills, plumbing knowledge, and a strong understanding of home maintenance.

There are many opportunities for people with the right skills, but you may not be qualified if your knowledge isn't up to scratch.

This is why you might consider enrolling in a school that specializes in these types of courses.

Do you have any suggestions from a handyman on how to improve your home?

Absolutely! Handyman training is in all areas of home repairs and maintenance. A handyman is able to identify what needs fixing and what can be left alone. Do not hesitate to seek advice whenever you are in need.


  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2020, there are 1,357,630 handymen employed in the U.S.. (angi.com)
  • “Once the pandemic hit, that number fell to about 20%.” (inquirer.com)
  • Mila keeps a commission of 20% for each completed service performed by Friends and charges various service fees regarding work done by Pros. (appjobs.com)
  • With a strong housing market, the handyman and general maintenance worker industry are expected to grow by nearly 10% in the next decade. (housecallpro.com)
  • Another estimate was that the market in the United States was $126 billion and was increasing by about 4% annually. (en.wikipedia.org)

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HomeAdvisor Vs Angie's List